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Vintage Cotton Kantha Pocket Jacket

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Mieko Mintz

A reversible jacket from Mieko Mintz in traditional Kantha fabric.  This super soft cotton jacket is created in mixed prints.

Mieko has been traveling to India every year since 2009 to select Vintage Indian saris for her collection. She uses traditional Kantha to create the unique textiles for her designs!

Kantha Throws are made from layers of saris joined by a simple running stitch. These labor intensive. unique and collectible garments are made in limited quantities.

Mieko mixes these silk and cotton treasures into her own unique art-to-wear!

One Size (fits 12/14)
Reversible Kimono
Long Sleeve
Shawl Collar
Front Pockets

100% Cotton
Gentle Wash




Mieko Mintz