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Sara Mique

The Sara Mique Tradition...
Sara Mique garments are cut from Elegant and Unique Laces, Silks, Velvets & Embroideries...hand sewn by an expert s
eamstress and individually hand-dyed by a textile artist. All garments are created, with love, in the USA.

The Sara Mique Woman...
Thousands upon thousands of contemporary women have enjoyed the romance of wearing a Sara Mique for their most special occasions.  Non-Traditional Brides & Mothers of Brides have walked down the aisle in a Sara Mique. Guests at countless celebrations and parties, as well as entertainers on stage and screen have worn a Sara Mique. The Sara Mique Woman cherishes the fun, femininity and uniqueness of her Sara Mique.
Made to Order. Comes in a lot of colors. More Styles in store.